Cook the pasta is the most important thing to get a dish tasty and easy to digest.

First, the cooking times between fresh pasta and gnocchi are different, as they have different cooking times between the Fresh Filled Pasta and Simple Pasta.

We are going to start with the choice of suitable pot: it must be large enough to contain a sufficient amount of water.
Generally it is recommended that a liter of water per 100 grams of pasta, but it is more advisable to use an amount higher than normal, because during the relatively short cooking times, the pasta needs a constant temperature, and this is possible with a quantity of water higher than normal.

The water without salt boils before the water that contains salt. Precisely for this reason, the salt must be added when the water is boiling.
Normally salt is between 10 and 12 gr. per liter of water (one teaspoon).
In the moment the water boils, reduce flame, add the salt and the pasta. Next, bring the flame up and put the lid so that it can take to boil soon.
It must mix the pasta with a wooden spoon in the case of short cut pasta, or a wooden fork, if it is long pasta, so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot and it does not stick between itself.
At the time the water returns to boil again, keep the pot without a lid while cooking the pasta.
The cooking time depends on the size of the pasta. In front of the package of Pasta Massarelli, shows the cooking time which corresponds to the specific product.

The pasta continues to cook even after it is drained, so it is important to season and serve it quickly.

1) Fresh Simple Pasta can drain easily.
2) Fresh Stuffed Pasta can not be drained, because you can easily break. Then the stuffed pasta, which normally is kept afloat, retires with a slotted spoon, by pouring the water well, and place in a large pot, add the sauce and where we mix gently with a wooden spoon or plastic.
Do not use metal, because we might break the pasta.

In case that serves stir-fry the pasta with a sauce, drain the pasta two minutes before the indicated time, becasue the pasta in the pan continues to cook.

Buon Appetito!
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