10 Reasons to eat Pasta
Love at First Aroma

1. The fresh egg pasta is a source of carbohydrates. You have to take in consideration that for a healthy diet is recommended to divide the calories as follows: 50-60% carbohydrate, 25-30% fat and 15-20% protein.

2. Always ask the pasta "al dente", as in Italy. It means not overcooked, because it allows a good digestion. This is a healty benefit because the foods with slow digestion of carbohydrates help the body get all the benefits nutritionals necessary.

3. The Pasta provides nutritional benefits for mental and physical performance, because the brain feeds on glucose and glucose is found in carbohydrates, such as in the non-filled and stuffed pasta.

4. Ask Potato Gnocchi. The most important sport's men consume them before and after disengagement of any sports that generate the highest energy efficiency.

5. Pasta is not fattening. You do not get fat eating in appropriate portions, since it has low has a low glycemic index carbohydrates and low in fat.

6. Pasta and processed foods with pasta are really delicious, and is nutritive and healthy.

7. Pasta Massarelli does not use preservatives or additives that could cause you allergies, intolerances or cancer in the long term.

8. Get special formats such as heart-shaped ravioli for your anniversary, they are delicious hot or cold.

9. The Stuffed Pasta is usually accompanied by other health benefits, including the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, vegetable, cheese, meat and fish, which makes it more balanced, giving you the basics of healthy Mediterranean Diet.

10. You are the most important! Gives your body a good food, choose Pasta Massarelli, choose the Mediterranean Diet.
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