What is the pasta "al Dente"?

It means that the pasta should be cooked just right, neither more nor less. The paste is made up of two main components: the STARCH and GLUTEN. The gluten is located between the starch granules. While thpasta is cooking, the starch is absorbing water, and increases its volume, being able to get to rupture and release its contents, the gluten is then takes care of keeping the starch granules.

So how to distinguish between a good or bad pasta?
GOOD QUALITY is when the gluten prevents that the starch absorbs water until it breaks and this prevents free its inner contents.

POOR QUALITY is when the starch absorbs water in an excessive and explodes unleashing its inner content.

The pasta "al dente" is more digestible because it prevents the escape of the starch and makes it more gradually assimilated. The scientific translation is that thanks to a good quality pasta, cooked to perfection prevents the rise in blood glucose post-prandial (after eating). Cook "al dente" also means avoiding to disperse the nutritional properties of food in the water.

We must not forget that for a good digestion, we need to chew food well and with this we can slowly enjoy its texture and at the same time, soak the bite of ptyalin, which is an enzyme produced by the salivary glands that acts when we eat foods with starch, as such, this enzyme, begins the digestion of carbohydrates.

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