What is the Celiac Disease?

It is an intolerance to Gliadin, a fraction of gluten (wheat, rye, oats, barley).
In the small intestine are seen interested shortened intestinal villi, the crypts become large or hypertrophic and the mucosal lesions prevents the production of pancreatic hormones such as secretin and CCK, which is the gallbladder and this causes changes in the absorption of fats and proteins.

In this sickness affect much genetic factors.
There are different degrees of malabsorption. Sometimes only certain nutrients like iron and calcium are mostly absorbed in the duodenum.

In people with celiac disease is made:
- Biopsy of the affected area of the small intestine and various laboratory tests, called gliadin test.
- Gluten Free Diet.

There are some foods that by their nature contain gluten and others do not.

(Official List, Source: Acelmex.org)

Gluten-free foods
All types of Fresh Meat and Bowel, Frozen and Natural, Raw Ham, Fresh Fish or Frozen Fish without batter or crumbs bread, Eggs
Vegetables and Tubers
Rice, Corn, Tapioca and its derivatives
All types of Vegetables
Sugar and Honey
Coffee beans or ground coffee in sight, recognized brands of soft drinks
All types of Wines and Sparkling Wines
Natural Dried Fruit (not bulk)
Wine Vinegar, Natural Flavors

Foods with gluten
Bread and Flour Wheat, Barley, Rye, Oat or Triticale
Manufactured products that in the composition appears any flour already quoted in any form: starches, modified starches, starch, flour and protein
Bread, Cakes, Pies and other traditional bakery products
Biscuits, Cakes and Traditional Desserts
Italian Pasta (Spaghetti, maccaroni, etc..) and Durum Wheat Malt Beverages with Distilled beverages or fermented from grains: Beer, Whisky, Barley Water, some Spirits

Foods that contain gluten
Sausages: salami, pudding, sausages, etc.
Sometimes the Corn omelettes are added with a handful of wheat flour to make them more flexible
Flavored Yogurt with pieces of fruit or cereal content
Melted Cheese, in portions, Spreads or Flavored
Pates Various
Canned Meat
Canned Fish with the Miscellaneous Sauces
Desserts and Chewing Gum
Surrogate Coffee and Drinks provided by vending machines
Dried Fruits and Toasted the Fried with Salt
Ice Creams
Surrogate Chocolate
Food Dyes
Sausages and Meat Based Products
Ready Sauces
Soups and Creams in the Canister or Bag, Nuts and Seasonings Soups
Desserts containing milk

Remember that cross-contamination of foods occurs mainly in all industrialized products, using the same machinery for all foods.

For this reason the products do not contain gluten, must have the relevant certification and you have to check that you have the symbol in the box, as shown here:

You can eat, without problems, the Italian Pasta made with Corn Flour, Rice Flour, Buckwheat Flour, seasoned with sauces Gluten Free certificates.

For more information, you can access to the Acelmex website Acelmex (Mexico Celiac Association).
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